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8-17-08 WOOOOOOO!!! Founding of dis site! Thank you for visiting! Thank you to mah older bro for showin me how!
8-17-08 If you found this site by typing in random words, you have way too much free time.
8-17-08 I'm assuming you know about the awesomeness of Spore? Well, it comes out 2 days after my best friends birfday and 2 days before mah sis's!
8-18-08 IMBOREDIMBOREDIMBOREDIMBOREDIMBORED!!!!! Jeez I need to figure out how to put a forum for visitors on here or sumthin...Anything to make this place more interesting!
8-18-08 If you watch the Naruto anime and don't mind other people making fun of the characters, I suggest you watch Naruto the Abridged Series on youtube it's hilarious!
8-29-08 HEY PEOPLE! Sorry I haven't updated, I've had school and stuff! Oh, btw, if you're on Quizilla and want to see my profile, my screenname there is 'ShinokunIsMINE'. The works in progress are New Akatsuki Members, and You Don't Scare Me- I Remember You, if you want to read them. BYE!!!!
9-14-o8 Okay, in case you HAVEN'T NOTICED, most of the Youtube links in my portal are spoofs on the anime Naruto. If you don't watch it, too bad.
10-29-08 Well, it certainly has been a while, hasn't it? I've had school... look at this bbs I set up!! c/p to your browser if you're interested!
1-9-o9 It's REEEEEEEEEALLY been a while since I've been on... @_@ Midterms suck. So do long-term projects.
1-31-o9 Well, not as long a break as last time... PASSED MY MIDTERMS!! Scores- 85, 93, and 95. But now I haz course selection. >_< Ah well. I'll survive. Unless my AT (advanced class) teachers kill me for not signing up for any honors courses. Well SCREW THAT!!!!! XD No honors for me, not until I'm used to a three-story (plus 18 outdoor classrooms) school building. Wish me luck!!